sorry, but my car isn`t for sale

August 20, 2012 at 6:36 am 1 comment

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i drive a clunker. i don’t see it as an issue and neither do my neighbors. well, i guess, it’s ok, as long as it sits in the garage when not in use. if parked outside the house, it would be considered a neighborhood blight causing a drop in home values.

since a car isn’t a status symbol to me, it doesn’t matter to me what car i drive. i don’t consider it as an extension of my manhood nor as an instrument of seduction. as long as it takes me to my destination, it’s good enough for me.

perhaps i’d feel differently if i don’t have a neighbor who takes good care of my car. he’s a great mechanic. once he completely restored an old volkswagen bug with his teenage son. it became the talk of the town. he’s that good. more importantly, he doesn’t charge a lot.

i confess that an old car has some disadvantages. it doesn’t go well with a suit or formal attire. it’s definitely not something you take to the prom, class reunion, or wedding. it leaves snotty people a bad impression on your status in life.

but it has some advantages, too, which far outweigh the disadvantages. first, it doesn’t have a monthly payment and its insurance is cheap. it’s a car your friends won’t see your mom riding. it makes you a safe driver, too. it forces you to drive more carefully as you just don’t know when it’s going to break down. and when it finally does, you’re still ahead, even when it happens in a bad neighborhood. you see, your chances of getting mugged is less likely compared to when you’re driving a beamer.

some people love their cars so much that they talk to them silly and give them names, such as, homer or hillary. my cousin even went to the extent of naming his kids dodge and mercedes. but not me. a car is just an inanimate object as the chair i’m sitting on right now.

i plan on keeping this clunker for as long as i can. incidentally, my neighbor just tuned it up, kept it environmentally friendly, and made it pass the state-mandated smog check. no problem renewing its license this year and the year after that. i guess that calls for a celebration, don’t you? cheers, as rihanna would sing, i’d drink to that, yeah-e-yeah.

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  • 1. Jeremy B.  |  September 15, 2012 at 8:35 am

    Hmmm, you got a point, I have a car, a used car, but the thing is, I want to sell it, I just want to get some extra income from scraps…that was my small business…
    Visit Junk The Car website of mine. I would be happy to share something! 🙂


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