a blogger is only good as his last post

July 1, 2013 at 10:25 am 10 comments

i’m back from a long holiday. how nice it feels to sleep in my own bed again. did somebody miss me? i hope that you, you, and especially you have missed me, but i ain’t holding my breath.

the topic of today’s daily prompt at wordpress is, what makes a blog great?

i guess it depends on what tickles your fancy. more importantly, it’s about staying power. nobody wants to make love to a corpse.

let me illustrate by telling you about my cousin in utah. he’s a barber by profession who learned his trade while serving in the u.s. military. he’s making good money. in fact, he earns more than his elder brother who works as a civil engineer in neighboring idaho. life isn’t perfect, though. he complains that he can’t take a vacation because he’ll be losing customers. it appears that a barber is only good as his last haircut.

in the same way, a blogger is only good as his last post. if he wants to stay relevant, he can’t take a break. he must continue writing because readers have short memories. he must keep feeding them stuff. once the feeding frenzy stops, they turn their attention somewhere else.

clearly this is a lesson not lost to me. before i went on hiatus, alexa, which provides global rankings on 30 million websites, put my blog among the top 6 million websites. its current ranking has since dropped to the point where i’d strain my neck looking up where it used to be. if i want to get back up there, i need to start doing regular updates again. this is what i intend to do in the coming weeks as i really care about my ranking readers.

my long absence has provided me with materials for several posts, which would be about my recent travels. just give me a week or so to settle down and get over this desynchronosis (aka jet lag) and i’d be ready to tell my story. stay tuned.

in the meantime, let me start going through your posts that i’ve missed before i finally hit the sack. they should be good enough to put me to sleep. hey, don’t get mad. i’m only kidding. seriously, i know i’d be in for some interesting read.

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