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September 25, 2013 at 12:42 pm 10 comments

garfield – jim davis

i’ve much to celebrate. last saturday, my car passed the smog test. it’s a hand-me-down 91 nissan from somebody who went to college in the east coast. despite its age, it’s still in good running condition.

an old car has some advantages. it doesn’t have monthly payments. it saves me from picking up somebody at the airport on the wee hours of the morning. most importantly, it allows me to save money for travels, which i really like.

the car doesn’t have air-conditioning, too, but it’s something that i consider as a bonus. you know why? it gives me an excuse on hot summer days to be chic by opening the windows and let the fresh air in and ruffle my hair. so there!

ever since the latest smog test was implemented, more and more older cars are failing the test. it has been touted as a way to reduce pollution in the state. but is that really the main goal? or is it just a ploy to give freeways back to the rich?

it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there are just too many vehicles cruising the freeways nowadays. if follows that if you take as many of the older cars as possible out of commission, it’ll result in reduced traffic congestion. wouldn’t it make driving fun again for the rich and famous? it doesn’t appear to matter that their gas guzzling suvs, hummers, limos, and expensive cars are also harming the environment. but hey, that’s life in the fat city.

anyway, i was smiling from ear to ear when the technician announced the good news. when he asked if i’d like an oil change, too, i answered in the affirmative. i was so happy that i didn’t mind the extra expense at all. besides, don’t you think the car deserves a treat?

now that i come to think about it, this calls for a celebration. how about going to my favorite pizza place tonight. it’ll be my treat. would you want to come?

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