A Class Act

October 16, 2013 at 6:46 pm

I was at the entrance of the Bart subway station waiting for my lunch date. She was already 30 minutes late and she wasn’t answering her phone. I was starting to get worried. To while my time, I went to the ticket vending machine and looked on the subway map.

As I walked away from the vending machine, a woman in her early 20s approached me flashing a $20 bill. She asked me if I needed money for a ticket. She must be a student from the nearby university.

It caught me completely by surprise. I wondered what she saw in me to deserve such generosity. I’m definitely not gorgeous. I’m as plain as a guy can be. Could it be my clothes? Did they make me appear as a homeless person? Or could it be the anxious look on my face mistaken for desperation of not being able to afford the fare?

I told her I was grateful for her generosity. But no, I didn’t need a ticket. I was at the station to meet someone.

Oh, she smiled at me and put the money back in her coat pocket. Have a good day, she said, as she breezed through the gate to catch her ride.

What a class act. A simple gesture like this has kept my faith in humanity.

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