Writing is the Pits

March 24, 2014 at 7:06 pm 16 comments

Charlie Brown – Charles Schulz
I don’t know if one qualifies to call himself a writer simply because he has a blog. I can attest to that firsthand. I have this blog for a while now but I’m no way a writer. If anything, I’m in love with the folly of being a writer.

It was my English professor, a Franciscan nun, who introduced me to writing. Back in college, she thought that I had the gift. In hindsight, she must have said that in order to motivate me to get serious about my studies and not to fail in her class.

Writing isn’t in my blood. It doesn’t come easy to me. Oftentimes, it’s a struggle. When I sit down to write, the computer screen remains blank and nothing comes out of my brain no matter how much I squeeze it. In frustration, I’d just give up and console myself with a Snickers bar.

I do confess there are occasions when I’m reading a book or experiencing an event that the muse comes unexpectedly. What a thrill when the fish finally bites. It’s when the words flow and rush faster than even my fingers can type. Sadly, in my case, those moments are so rare that they would qualify for the Guinness World of Records.

I’ve heard a lot of folks say that the best things in life are free. Does writing for free count? Perhaps, if it could elicit a smile or a sigh from someone you want to impress.

Still, I consider myself lucky that i don’t earn my living as a writer. Otherwise, I would have starved.

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