Inside Denmark: I Heart Copenhagen

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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

We left Kalmar early in the morning bound for Copenhagen driving across the Øresund Bridge. Spanning five miles, it’s considered the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe. The trip took about five hours that included a picnic lunch in Horby.

We stayed at a hotel a couple of short blocks away from the historic 17th-century waterfront called Nyhavn popular with tourists and locals alike.

Copenhagen Bikes Copenhagen Bikes

I thought I’d never see more bikes than in Stockholm, but I was wrong. Copenhagen could well be the bike capital of the world. Bikes are everywhere. There are so many of them that bike lanes are getting wider at the expense of car lanes. The Danes even come up with the idea of cargo bikes that you see all around the city.

HDe Lille Apotek De Lille Apotek

On the day we arrived in Copenhagen, , our guide treated us for dinner at the city’s oldest restaurant founded in 1720 called De Lille Apotek or The Small Pharmacy in English. It was said that Hans Christian Andersen used to dine there.

Hans Christian Anderson Impersonator Gammel Dansk

As we walked to the restaurant, either by chance or design, a man accosted and directed us to an open air restaurant. Dressed in a late 19th century coat and hat, he welcomed us to Copenhagen and offered a toast with bitters liquor called Gammel Dansk. We later found out that he was channeling Hans Christian Andersen. He talked about his life and works which didn’t register in my mind. As an occasional drinker, I was finished after one glass. But there was something he said that stuck because it was funny.

He posed a question and answered it himself.

“How do you know whether a Dane is an introvert or extrovert?” he asked. The answer is: “When a Dane looks a his feet, he’s an introvert. When he looks at the other’s feet, he’s an extrovert.”

Copenhagen Tour Guide Strøget
Nyhavn Harbor Andersen Museum

On the following day, a local guide led us on a walking tour of the city centre popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s the most visited area in Copenhagen filled with historical landmarks, shops, and restaurants all vying for attention.
Afterwards, we were left to explore on our own.

Danes Outdoor
It’s been said that Danes are the happiest people in the world. This picture seems to prove that.

Tivoli Tivoli
Tivoli Tivoli

In the afternoon, we went to Tivoli Gardens, a popular amusement park. Opened in 1843, it predates Disneyland by a mile. According to Wikipedia, it’s the second oldest operating amusement park and pleasure garden in the world superseded only by Dyrehavsbakken in Klampenborg, Denmark.

On the following day, we drove 19 miles west of Copenhagen to Roskilde to visit the Rodskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum.

Roskilde Cathedral Roskilde Cathedral
Roskilde Cathedral Roskilde Cathedral

The Rodskilde Cathedral was the first Gothic church ever built of brick. Construction started in the 12th century and lasted for 100 years. Since then, it became the resting place of 38 kings and queens of Denmark.

Viking Ship Museum Viking Ship Museum
Viking Ship Museum Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum contains well-preserved remains of five 11th century ships.

Afterwards, we took the ferry to Ærøskøbing located on the island of Ærø for a weekend stay.

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