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it’s oscars sunday

it’s raining cats and dogs outside. like many californians, i’m opting to stay home. only gene kelly and company will likely go out under this kind of weather and the singin’ in the rain star has been dead a long time.

under the circumstances, there’s nothing much left to do but watch the 81st annual academy awards on tv. interestingly, it will be hosted by hugh jackman. he’s been dubbed the sexiest man alive today, but he’ll always remain the wolverine to me.

hugh jackman as this year’s host is a departure from the tradition of selecting a popular comic. is the academy trying to make a statement here? does it mean that they are dead serious in awarding the oscar to the ‘best’ nominee in each category? in the past, the academy had been inclined to give the awards to the ‘most deserving’. as you know, ‘best’ and ‘most deserving’ can’t be one and the same. as a result, most of the past awards had become more of a joke than anything else.

as it was in the years past, i’m afraid, so it will be this year. it will be a ho-hum affair with most of the big awards going to the sentimental favorites. hint. hint. the one who came back from dead. the one who met an untimely death. the one who had been nominated many times over but never won. the one who’s really most deserving.

as it stands, the big surprise will be that there will only be one surprise. i hope i’m mistaken, though. after being cooped up inside the house by the rain, i and the rest of the movie fans deserve something better.

February 22, 2009 at 2:21 pm 4 comments

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