For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 6 October 2017

Ted Strutz

Photo Credit: Ted Strutz
Darci was a stay at home girl. Outside of school, she didn’t have much of a social life and rarely went out with friends. She spent a lot of time gazing at the moon and stars above.

“Your line ends with her,” Darci’s mom told her husband. “From the way things are going, your only child is headed to the nunnery.”

But when it was time to leave the coop, Darci decided to go farther than her parents could ever imagine. She joined a research crew in a Mars-like habitat in preparation for the one-way trip to the red planet.


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In Memoriam: Tom Petty: 1950-2017

So sad to hear that Tom Petty died today after undergoing cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu. He was 66. May he rest in peace.

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Wordless Wednesday: GreyFriars Bobby Statue

GreyFriars Bobby
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Oban Bay, Scotland

Location: Oban, Scotland
There are some advantages in going to a place during the off-peak tourist season. To start, there’s less crowd and better accommodations can be had. That’s what we experienced when we visited Oban, Scotland.

Hotel Room

Our room at the hotel was a great deal for the money. It had windows that offered a fantastic view of the bay and surrounding areas.

The above picture showing the ferry leaving port was taken late in the afternoon just before sunset settled in. It reminded me of Emily Dickinson and one of her poems. If she were here, I bet she’d be pleased and enjoy every moment of it.


They called me to the Window, for
” ‘Twas Sunset”—Some one said—
I only saw a Sapphire Farm—

And just a Single Herd—

Of Opal Cattle—feeding far
Upon so vain a Hill—
As even while I looked—dissolved—
Nor Cattle were—nor Soil—

But in their stead—a Sea—displayed—
And Ships—of such a size
As Crew of Mountains—could afford—
And Decks—to seat the skies—

This—too—the Showman rubbed away—
And when I looked again—
Nor Farm—nor Opal Herd—was there—

Nor Mediterranean—

– Emily Dickinson


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Grandfather’s Mansion

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 27 September 2017

J Hardy Carroll

Photo Credit: J Hardy Carroll
What a difference a day made.

Aissa and her mother found themselves standing amidst the rubble of what used to be her late grandfather’s mansion. It was his pride and joy. Didn’t he once boast that it would last for many generations?

But it proved to be no match against the giant hurricane that descended on their village. What the heavy rain and strong winds didn’t destroy, the flash flood that followed did.

“We can rebuild,” Aissa told her mother.

“No,” she said shaking her head. “We could no longer live in a place built with earnings from illegal drugs.

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