A Boy’s Best Friend

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 1 December 2017

Note: I’m back as promised. I did survive the trip to the Balkans after all.

Russell Gayer

Photo Credit: Russell Gayer
It turned out to be one of the hottest days of summer.

Earlier in the morning, Ryan tried to teach Sparky new tricks, but all the dog wanted was to play. In frustration, he locked him in the abandoned outhouse and went fishing.

While eating lunch, he thought of Sparky with whom he usually shared his sandwich. Suddenly, he realized the dog was in danger from the blistering heat.

Ryan rushed home to save Sparky, but it was too late. His mom had already freed him.

“So sorry, Sparky,” he told the dog who welcomed him, enthusiastically wagging his tail.


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Forbidden Fruit

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 20 October 2017

Note: It’s time for me to recharge and take that much-needed vacation. As a result, I’ll be missing in action and not posting and blogging for a few weeks. I will be back sometime in December.

Sandra Crook

Photo Credit: Sandra Crook
Before Apple became a name brand, it was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

One day, the serpent descended from the tree and talked Eve into taking a bite.

“What have you done?” Adam cried out upon seeing her partake of the apple.

“I dare that you do the same,” Eve retorted.

When Adam hesitated, she became more persistent.

“Just do it!”

“Yes, dear,” Adam finally relented with those now famous words. He thought it was smart to eat it all to hide the evidence, but it proved futile against the all-knowing God.

And the rest was history.

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Wordless Wednesday: Miracles Do Happen

The miraculous spring of Our Lady of Banneux
Location: Banneux, Belgium

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Murren, Switzerland

Location: Murren, Switzerland
Murren is a small village town located 5,413 feet above sea level. it’s inaccessible by car. It took two aerial lifts to get there. From Lauterbrunnen Valley, we rode the cable car going to Gimmelwald and then switched over to another cable car to Murren.

I think Emily Dickinson will be happy to be here even if she doesn’t venture out. From the window of her hotel room, she’ll have a spectacular view of the village and surrounding alps to serve as her inspiration.

For those who like to roam around, the clean mountain air provides the perfect setting for adventure and exploration. If there’s a caveat, distance can be deceiving. Expect that going from Point A to Point B will likely be farther than initially thought. This is especially true when hiking uphill. Good luck! Don’t scale back! If a rookie like me can do it, so can you.


The Angle of a Landscape —
That every time I wake —
Between my Curtain and the Wall
Upon an ample Crack —

Like a Venetian — waiting —
Accosts my open eye —
Is just a Bough of Apples —
Held slanting, in the Sky —

The Pattern of a Chimney —
The Forehead of a Hill —
Sometimes — a Vane’s Forefinger —
But that’s — Occasional —

The Seasons — shift — my Picture —
Upon my Emerald Bough,
I wake — to find no — Emeralds —
Then — Diamonds — which the Snow

From Polar Caskets — fetched me —
The Chimney — and the Hill —
And just the Steeple’s finger —
These — never stir at all —

– Emily Dickinson


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Letting Her Go

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 13 October 2017

Douglas M. MacIlroy

Photo Credit: Douglas M. MacIlroy
It wasn’t the ending he wanted, but she was determined.

“It’ll be for the best,” Andrea told Robert as she tried to console him running her fingers through his hair.

Robert said nothing, his head down, looking at the floor. Once Andrea made up her mind, he knew there was nothing he could do.

Andrea had ovarian cancer that no longer responded to treatment. She decided it was time to take advantage of California’s right-do-die law.

Several years later, Robert went to their favorite hiking spot to spread her ashes. Finally, he had found the courage to let her go.

October 11, 2017 at 11:40 am 58 comments

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