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weekly photo challenge: early bird

philippine sunrise

location: dinadiawan, dipaculao, aurora, philippines
emily bronte once said that the best time of the day is over by 10 a.m. intimating that we should arise early so as not to miss it.

although she’s one of my favorite poets so much so that i went to west yorkshire, england just to walk around her beloved moors, i’m unlikely to follow her advice.

i confess that i’m not what you can call an early bird or a morning person. on my free days, i find it a welcome treat to sleep in and stay in bed for as long as i want. of course, there are exceptions. one of them is when i go on vacation to places i’ve never been before.

the above picture was taken one early morning in dinadiawan beach, dipaculao, aurora, philippines. everything was quiet except for a few bird calls and the sound of the waves coming ashore. it was a moment in time just before the sun rose to brighten up the world with its colors. poets often referred to it as the chiaroscuro of dawn.

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i have hated the words and i have loved them, and i hope i have made them right.

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