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Feeling under the Weather

I’m feeling under the weather. I have this chilly sensation that indicates the presence of a cold. I have a runny nose. I find myself sneezing, too, at the most inopportune time.

Last night, I was breathing noisily. I had problem going to sleep. when I finally fell asleep, I probably snored. Even though I didn’t hear it, I must have sounded like a pig taking a nap after a hearty meal.

I must have gotten this cold from somebody, but it would be hard to pinpoint from whom. Science has advanced so much that nowadays people can hide their cold symptoms by taking drugs like cough suppressants that prevent the cough reflex from doing its job when the throat gets irritated.

Since the incubation period takes about 3 days, I assume that I caught the virus last Friday. By coincidence, I had lunch on that day with a former co-worker and friend in a crowded all-you-can eat Chinese buffet. We were accompanied by another person with a small and bushy moustache with tips arching up. Could either one of them be the source of the virus? We were sitting close together. I wonder if it started getting into my system right then and there. I was in a vulnerable state enjoying the food and good conversation.

In fairness to my lunch companions, they didn’t show any symptoms of the disease. In my estimation, both were fairly in good health. They looked at me straight in the eye. They ate heartily, sampling most of the items from the buffet table. My friend might appeared a little bit down, but that was understandable since he just lost his job.

Well, I’m not going to blame anybody. It’s about time that I should get a cold anyway. The temperature has started to dip into the low 30s at night. Soon it’ll be winter. I better get used to it.

December 16, 2013 at 6:46 pm 14 comments

God’s Warriors

God's Warriors


Until college and minaret have crumbled
This holy work of ours will not be done
Until faith becomes rejection, and rejection becomes belief
There will be no true muslim.

-idries shah, the way of the sufi


These words of Idries Shah ring true not only for Muslims but for all believers as well.

Christiane Amanpour, CNN Chief International Correspondent, produced a six-hour documentary on God’s Warriors. It was first aired in 2007, but it’s been rebroadcast through the years. I consider it as one of her best works. It examined the impact of religious fundamentalism as a powerful political force in the three major faiths: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

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weekly photo challenge: from lines to patterns

orsay museum clock

one of the main features of the musée d’orsay building is its huge clock that can be viewed from distances away. one early afternoon, i had a chance to take a picture of it from the inside of the museum. as it was against the light, its lines and patterns became more visible in black in white.

if you’re in paris, the musée d’orsay (orsay museum) is a must-see. it’s located on the left bank of the seine river in the heart of the city. among other things, it contains the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpiece paintings by monet, cézanne, van gogh, renoir, degas, etc. visiting the museum is time well-spent if you can avoid the crowd.

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Uh Oh… A Clogged Toilet

clogged toilet
Photo Credit: Medioimages/Photodisc/Getty Images
What should I do now? I asked myself.

For about a week, the toilet wasn’t draining properly. This indicated a blockage somewhere in the system. Using a plunger helped. It drained the excess water out of the bowl and prevented flooding. But yesterday, it got worse. When I flushed the toilet, colored water started showing up on the shower floor.

I heard my inner voice saying, this calls for professional help.

What? I protested. I’m supposed to be able to fix this kind of thing. After all, I’m a guy.

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Staying Grounded

photo credit:
Dressed in a nice suit and feeling smug and entitled, it was easy to forget the image of the barefoot boy in the rice paddies catching frogs for dinner. It would take an incident to bring it back and rearrange my priorities.

One lovely Saturday, I was invited to a Chinese-Vietnamese wedding. I skipped the church part but did manage to go to the reception on time. It was held at a famous Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.

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