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To Walk or Not to Walk

Walking is one of man’s greatest pleasures. It defines him. It’s what makes him a man. Back in the old days, cavemen didn’t hesitate to venture out. They took advantage of walking to get away from household chores. Walking was also the precursor to running which they learned as they evolved into both hunters and hunted. They ran to get to their prey quickly and to escape from predators eager to eat them alive.

Throughout history, men had engaged in this activity for better or worse. Sure, it won’t appear as “walking” in the history books. As humanity became more and more sophisticated, it came up with different words to say the same thing. You may read about the Exodus where Moses and the chosen people “wandered” in the desert for 40 years. You may read about Christian kings and nobles, mounted on horse backs, ordering their subjects to “march” to Jerusalem and rescue it from the moors. You may read about a “parade” or “procession” on such and such an historic occasion. But don’t be fooled. To borrow from Shakespeare, walking called by any other name is still walking.

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July 19, 2011 at 2:49 pm 11 comments

From The Book Thief

i have hated the words and i have loved them, and i hope i have made them right.

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