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Left in the Cold

I thought I’m done with the cold but it looks like it’s making a comeback. I feel my throat is getting itchy again. I guess this on and off fling with the cold virus should be expected as we’re still in the midst of winter. I’ve been trying my best to avoid getting a cold again.

I follow the recommended suggestions like washing my hands often, drinking plenty of fluids, keeping myself warm, and not picking my nose even if nobody’s looking. But cold is so highly contagious that there’s no foolproof method of avoiding the infection. A carrier of the virus can be compared to a suicide bomber. All he needs is a slight misstep on your part to seal your doom.

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March 4, 2013 at 6:04 pm 13 comments

Can Too Much Sleep Be Bad For You?

While beauty experts tout the value of sleep, it could also shorten your life as other stuff that they recommend including diet pills, liposuction, facelift, and anti-aging products.

As I stated in my previous post, sleep can help you lose weight, which is a good thing. But too much of a good thing can also be bad.

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September 24, 2012 at 11:54 am 9 comments

Be a Hero, Don’t Give up that Seat

It used to be that offering your subway seat to an elderly lady was the right thing to do and it seems that it still is, especially when she’s hyperventilating or having a heart attack.

It’s considered a sign of good breeding. Don’t be surprised if you’re glared at long and hard by fellow passengers if you don’t stand up and allow her to take your place.

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July 23, 2012 at 6:31 am 6 comments

The Neti Pot Alternative

I don’t know about you, but it’s the promise of discovery that makes me get up in the morning. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering as finding out that UFOs really do exist or mind-numbing as Kim Kardashian’s latest foray into tabloid shame. Ues, truthfully, they don’t have to be. I’m not a difficult person to please. Something like a sale of 12-pack toilet paper at Target will do just fine, especially when i’m running out.

The neti pot is the latest entry in my ‘discovered’ list before i die. Although it has been used by yogis for thousands of years, I came upon it only last month. The neti pot isn’t something you smoke in college. It’s a real pot, shaped like Aladdin’s genie lamp, with a tapered conical tip at the spout end. Practitioners refer to it, matter-of-factly, as a nasal irrigation system. The way it works is you fill it up with warm saltwater, insert the spout into one nostril, and position your head and pot to let the water flow out of the other nostril. You can watch the above video for an actual demonstration, but I take no responsibility for ruining your dinner.

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April 2, 2012 at 6:00 am 8 comments

To Walk or Not to Walk

Walking is one of man’s greatest pleasures. It defines him. It’s what makes him a man. Back in the old days, cavemen didn’t hesitate to venture out. They took advantage of walking to get away from household chores. Walking was also the precursor to running which they learned as they evolved into both hunters and hunted. They ran to get to their prey quickly and to escape from predators eager to eat them alive.

Throughout history, men had engaged in this activity for better or worse. Sure, it won’t appear as “walking” in the history books. As humanity became more and more sophisticated, it came up with different words to say the same thing. You may read about the Exodus where Moses and the chosen people “wandered” in the desert for 40 years. You may read about Christian kings and nobles, mounted on horse backs, ordering their subjects to “march” to Jerusalem and rescue it from the moors. You may read about a “parade” or “procession” on such and such an historic occasion. But don’t be fooled. To borrow from Shakespeare, walking called by any other name is still walking.

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July 19, 2011 at 2:49 pm 11 comments

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