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In Memoriam: Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Kobe and Gianna
Kobe and Gianna Bryant/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant is dead. It reminds us that death is something we have to face sooner or later. It behooves that we cherish every moment we have with our loved ones.

Kobe died in a helicopter crash last Sunday together with his 13-year old daughter, Gianna, and seven others on board.

In the movie “Serendipity,” we learned that the ancient Greeks didn’t write obituaries. After a man died, they only asked one question, “Did he have passion?”

For sure, Kobe had passion making him one of the most feared competitors in the basketball court. When he retired from the game he so loved, he was rated as the #7 Best NBA Player of all Time.

With all his accomplishments in the NBA, he’ll also be remembered for showing the same passion in his off-court activities in business and charity work and, most importantly, in his role as a devoted family man, husband, and father.

As fate would have it, Kobe and Gianna died on their way to Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California, for a youth basketball event.

At 41, it feels surreal to see him gone. At the same time, we can only mourn the untimely passing of his young daughter with her promise unfulfilled.

January 28, 2020 at 9:15 pm 2 comments

Anthony Bourdain, Dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain
Photo Credit: CNN

Anthony Bourdain died today of apparent suicide in his hotel room in France. He was 61.

In an interview with ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis last year, Bourdain said that, when he was younger, he had a kind of “live hard, die young” attitude.

“It came as sort of a rude surprise to me when I turned 30 and I was still alive,” he said. “I didn’t really have a plan after that.”

He lived another 30 years or so to make a name for himself as chef, traveler, bestselling author and TV personality.

I wish he could have hung on a little longer. He had much more to give. Instead, he hanged himself to end it all. Sadly, he must have felt that life like food had passed its “use by” or “best by” date and that it no longer appealed to his taste.

He would be surely missed by his family and those he had met in this journey called life.

June 8, 2018 at 9:43 am 2 comments

In Memoriam: Kate Spade

Kate Spade
Kate Spade

“Nothing can be said to be certain,” Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy in 1789, “except death and taxes.”

We’re born to die. The clock starts ticking the moment we’re born. It’s sad to hear, though, when folks take their own life to circumvent the process as nature has intended.

One of them was Kate Spade who had made a name for herself in the fashion industry behind the KS brand of women’s bags and accessories. She was found hanging with a red scarf at her New York apartment today. She was 55.

I don’t know what led to her suicide that left a 13-year old daughter without a mother. Could it be because she was depressed? According to the press, she had been suffering from mental illness for sometime now but refused treatment for fear of the negative publicity it might generate to her brand.

“Kate Spade’s tragic passing is a painful reminder that we never truly know another’s pain or the burden they carry,” Ivanka Trump tweeted upon hearing of her passing. I may not be a fan of Ms. Trump, but I couldn’t agree more with what she said.

May she rest in peace.

June 5, 2018 at 6:49 pm 6 comments

A Life Cut Short

Dr. Tracy Tam

Dr. Tracy Tam
When she went to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center on Friday, Dr. Tracy Tam, 32, didn’t expect that it would be the last day of her life.

The young doctor wasn’t even supposed to be working as it was her day off. But when asked to cover for someone else’s shift, she did it like a good soldier.

Mary Darko, a nurse at the hospital, remembered Dr. Tam as friendly as ever when she walked into the 16th floor examination room where she was tending a patient.

Several hours later, Henry Bello, 45, a disgruntled doctor who once worked at the hospital went on a shooting rampage on the 16th and 17th floors that left people scampering for their lives. Before he turned the gun on himself, Dr. Tam lay dead and five other staffers and one patient were wounded.

“She was very well liked by the hospital staff,” said Bronx-Lebanon spokesman Errol Schneer. “We grieved throughout the hospital. This was a very tragic event for us.”

Dr. Tam graduated from the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2013. She was licensed to practice medicine in New York and New Jersey.

It’s difficult to make sense of this tragedy that cut short a life that was full of promise. Dr. Tam wasn’t the intended target who happened to be off that day. She was shot anyway more likely because she represented what the shooter could never be. May she rest in peace.

July 1, 2017 at 7:42 pm 9 comments

A Letter to Kayla

Kayla Mueller
Photo Source: ABC News

Dear Kayla:

It was with skepticism that I received the initial reports of your passing. Without proof of death, I was clinging to the hope that you were still alive. But now that your parents and the State Department had confirmed it, there’s nothing left but to accept the bitter truth.

The ISIS rebels had claimed that you died in a recent Jordanian’s air strike launched to avenge the death of their captured pilot. Since there’s no evidence to the contrary, I’d take their word for it.

Read more…

February 10, 2015 at 6:51 pm 16 comments

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