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Mmm Monday: A Tasty Treat

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Location: Dupnitsa, Kyustendil, Bulgaria



Pogacha is a round bread used for special occasions in Bulgaria. It’s offered to guests as a symbol of friendship and hospitality. It’s usually accompanied by salt which used to be worth its weight in gold back in the day.

Our hosts at the Roma quarter in the village of Dupnitsa welcomed us with this traditional treat as soon as we arrived. Roma is the politically correct reference to the gypsies.

Roma Village Roma Village
Roma Village

I used to think that Romanis or gypsies are people who wander from place to place with no permanent residence. I was mistaken. Some have chosen to stay foot and become members of a quarter like the one we had visited. A quarter can be compared to a community or barangay in the Philippines.

Roma Kids

I saw the children waiting for us when we arrived. They were excited to see us and mobbed our vehicle like we were celebrities. I found out later that the place was rarely visited by outsiders. As I gazed my eyes around, it reminded me of my hometown in the Philippines.

Roma Kids

Our guide had advised us not to give the kids candies or souvenirs and that she would take care of it. She said to be careful and be prepared to be stared at when we walked around the neighborhood. She added that some residents might even feel our presence intrusive.

Most certainly, shooting everything on sight with our digital cameras wouldn’t win any favors. After all, they shouldn’t be objects of curiosity. They shouldn’t be treated like specimens to be numbered and catalogued in our photo collections. We must remember that they are humans just like us and very much entitled to their privacy.

Roma Kids

If we wanted to take a picture, it was better to ask permission first. If we gave them respect, we’d get it back. Fortunately, we didn’t experience any untoward incident. We found the people friendly and accommodating.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
Location: Rila Monastery, Kyustendil, Bulgaria
It’s always special to go to places you’ve never been before. I consider visiting the Rila Monastery in the Kyustendil Province of Bulgaria to be one of them. Located up in the Rila Mountains, it was founded in the 10th century by the hermit, Ivan of Rila (876 – 946 AD) or John of Rila, who eventually became the patron saint of Bulgaria.

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

The accommodation at the monastery fit right in the “what you see is what you get” category. There was no clock, TV, or internet connection to remind you of the outside world. I had to make my own bed which made noise when I lay on it. For somebody who couldn’t keep still, it was very challenging to be quiet and avoid disturbing the monks staying on the floor above. It was obviously not designed for honeymooners. In addition, the blanket was coarse, thick, and heavy but provided enough warmth during the night.

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
Rila Monastery, Bulgaria Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

I found the food to be a real treat, though. For dinner, I had salad, soup, a choice of either grilled pork neck or trout for the main course, and cheese cake and coffee for dessert. From the above picture, you could see what I chose for the main course. After dinner, I went straight to bed full and contented and slept soundly to the sound of the nearby Riska river.

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Wordless Wednesday: A Dog Day of Summer

sleeping dog
Location: Roma Village, Dupnitsa, Kyustendil, Bulgaria

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