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What is a Mother?

Lorena Barros (Photo from E. San Juan, Jr. Archive).
One Mother’s Day weekend, I decided to translate into English a poem written by Lorena Barros to her mother. She was a poet, writer, and student activist who went to the hills and became a guerilla fighter in the 70s when President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines in order to stay in power.

In 1976, she paid the ultimate price when government forces caught up with her in a hiding place in the mountains. When democracy was finally restored, a wall of remembrance containing the names of those who died fighting martial law was erected. She was one of the first 65 martyrs who were honored and enshrined.

When she died, she left a child motherless. but in the process, she became a mother to all freedom-loving Filipinos.

Here’s the poem published with her story written by Maita Gomez in the book, Six Young Filipino Martyrs.


Ano ang isang ina?
Mayamang hapag ng
gutom na sanggol
Kumot sa gabing maginaw
Matamis na uyayi
sa naghahapding sugat.

Ngunit ano ang isang
makabayang ina?
Maapoy na tanglaw
Tungo sa liwayway.
Sandigang bato.
Lupang bukal ng lakas
sa digma.
Katabi sa laban’t
Alalay sa tagumpay
Ang ina ko.

She’d probably frown at my attempt of translation and ask, “What for?” Well, I haven’t seen it translated before. For all its worth, I just feel it needs a wider audience.


what is a mother?
sumptuous table
to a hungry child.
blanket on a cold night.
sweet lullaby.
to a tender wound.

but what is
a patriotic mother?
fiery glow
leading towards dawn.
rock to lean on.
wellspring of strength
in battle.
beside me in the fight and
a hand in victory
is my mother.


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