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thanks, but no thanks

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i’m sure glad the holiday gift-giving season is over. while it’s been good for business and it has helped the stores to stay afloat during this hard economic times, it has sank men into the throes of despair.

you see, if there’s something that gives a man the chills, it’s the idea of buying a present for a woman. it’s becoming to be an almost impossible task. it seems that whatever he gives her would end up in disappointment.

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January 7, 2013 at 9:13 am 9 comments

Post-Holiday Blues

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The holiday season is finally over. Everything is getting back to normal. You notice it when the bills start pouring in, a grim reminder of that profligate time when the onslaught of sales ads enticed you, tempted you, and made you believe your pockets were deeper than you thought.

I spent over $4,000 in gifts and got nothing in return. As they say, it’s better to give than to receive. I guess it’s also better than getting something you don’t like. I’m a very difficult person to buy presents for, anyway. When my folks ask what I want for Christmas, I usually give the “don’t bother” answer. But still I can’t avoid this awkward feeling on Christmas eve when I see everybody opening their presents and I have nothing on my hands except the garbage bag to put the discarded wrappers in.

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January 16, 2012 at 1:56 pm 8 comments

From The Book Thief

i have hated the words and i have loved them, and i hope i have made them right.

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