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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

bob is dood?
Location: E19 Highway, Belgium
While driving to Antwerp last year, I noticed several signs on the highway that said, “Bob is dood?” since “dood” is the Flemish word for “dead”, I wondered what this person named Bob had done to deserve such publicity.

A little research on the Internet showed that it was actually part of last year’s summer campaign by the Belgian Road Safety Institute to promote dialogue and discussion against drunk driving. Bob was the nickname chosen for the designated driver who abstains from alcohol in order to drive others home safely.

Started in 1995, the Bob campaign has proved to be so successful that 80% of the population now considers drinking and driving unacceptable. As a result, Bob didn’t disappear last year. If anything, it was given a new facelift.

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August 31, 2014 at 4:31 pm 10 comments

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