Summer of ’89

for friday fictioneers 100-word challenge 29 August 2014

Madison WoodsPhoto Credit: Madison Woods

It was the summer Adam’s voice changed. It led to self-discovery and feelings of intense attraction towards the college-bound girl next door. He’d watch her skinny dip in the pool at night while hiding behind the bushes.

One morning, his dad took his little sister out for a walk.

“Ew, what’s that?” Abby cried pointing to white gooey stuff on the bushes.

“That’s nothing, really, just some bird poop.”

But as they went back inside the house, his dad couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “Adam, Adam, if you’re going to be a man, you’ve got to be more discreet.”

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wordless wednesday: among the ruins, a new start

strange guard rails
location: ephesus, turkey

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weekly photo challenge: fray

location: san francisco bay area, california
i took this picture in front of a house in our neighborhood. as you can see, it’s becoming an eyesore with frayed and overgrown dry weeds around it. it wasn’t like this before. the property used to be well-maintained and taken care of.

several months ago, a murder took place in the house. for some unexplained reason, the husband shot his wife in one of the bedrooms. their eldest daughter found her body hidden in a closet when she came home from school.

it’s incomprehensible that a man would kill a woman much more if she was his wife and mother of his children. if there were irreconcilable differences between them, he could have divorced her instead of using excessive force that he might later regret.

as a result of this tragedy, the children, an 8-year old girl and a 14-year old girl, have lost both parents with the dad in jail and the mother dead. they must have felt abandoned like the house where they used to live.

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To Love Again

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge 22 Aug 2014

Roger Bultot
Photo Credit: Roger Bultot

When Mark died in Afghanistan, Elsie was inconsolable in her grief. She felt abandoned like his van collecting dust. But Mark never left. He remained with her in spirit.

It took sometime before Elsie went out again. It was in one of those outings that she met Nathan.

“Are you in the military,” she asked eyeing his short-cropped hair.

“No, ma’am, I’m a chef.”

“Well, then,” Elsie smiled, “it’s nice meeting you.”

From the distance, Mark felt a tinged of jealousy. At the same time, he knew it was time to let go. She was entitled to be happy again.

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wordless wednesday: strange guard rails

strange guard rails
location: salzburg, austria

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