wordless wednesday: a balancing act

salzburg street performer
location: salzburg, austria

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inside austria: in the land of mozart

austria map

we left germany on a good note by having a picnic lunch in the park at the foot of the tegelberg mountain in schwangau. several of us went for a ride on the park’s luge course barrelling down the stainless steel track on a wheeled bobsled. it felt great to be like a kid again.

from schwangau, we headed to salzburg, austria, the birthplace of wolfgang amadeus mozart. the drive took about six hours. it included a 45-minute break for the driver and the much-needed bathroom relief for the rest of us at a motorway service station.

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inside germany: the neuschwanstein castle

neuschwanstein castle
on our last day in germany, we visited the 19th century neuschwanstein castle in the village of hohenschwangau in southwest bavaria.

located on top of the hill overlooking the village, it was built by king ludwig ii of bavaria as a personal refuge and in honor of his favorite composer, richard wagner.

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happy birthday, america!

happy birthday, America!
location: spotted on the highway leading to bruges, belgium

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love isn’t forever

#164834985 / gettyimages.com
romantics long for eternal love. for mere mortals like us, however, it’s not in the cards. come to think of it, this isn’t really bad as we tend to appreciate something more when it doesn’t last. the best way to love somebody then is to realize that it will end.

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