weekly photo challenge: on top

le butte du lion
in the spirit of the lenten season, i chose this picture for this week’s challenge. it was taken at st. peter’s square, vatican city.

in the foreground, you can find the statue of st. peter holding the key to heaven. behind it are statues of religious figures on top of the colonnades. jesus can be found second to the left. as the faithfuls gaze towards heaven, the presence of those statues must be a welcome sight.

st. peter’s square was the brainchild of pope alexander vii in the 17th century. it was designed and built by the famous architect gian lorenzo bernini. an accomplished sculptor himself, he built all the statues found therein with the help from his students.

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for friday fictioneers 100-word challenge 18 april 2014

douglas m. macilroy
photo credit: douglas m. macilroy

nathan parked in front of the house with the fancy mailbox. he knew its nooks and crannies. the imaginary monsters in the attic. the strange smell of the basement in the winter. it was the family home.

after all the children left, his parents decided to sell the house because it became too big for them.

he remembered the happy times and the pain of moving his boyhood stuff when it was sold.

his thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and a woman his age came out.

nathan didn’t know it yet, but he just met his future wife.

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wordless wednesday: open for business

skagway, alaska
location: skagway, alaska

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la flor de manila

watch ax daliva play la flor de manila on his violin
i must be getting homesick, but if there’s something i can’t get out of my head at the moment it’s the filipino song, la flor de manila or what’s currently referred to as the sampaguita. it’s a song extolling a flower of the jasmine variety that became the national flower of the philippines.

according to wikipedia, la flor de manila was composed by dolores a. paterno who was born in manila on march 10, 1854 and died on july 3, 1881 at the age of 27. she was the sister of pedro a. paterno, a filipino nationalist and author of the pact of biak-na-bato where the spanish government and the filipino revolutionaries reached an agreement in 1897 to end hostilities.

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weekly photo challenge: monument

le butte du lion
location: waterloo, belgium
this is le butte du lion (lion’s mound), the main memorial located in the battlefield of waterloo where napoleon bonaparte suffered defeat at the hands of the duke of wellington.

king william i of the netherlands had it constructed in 1820 using earth taken from the other parts of the battlefield. it was to commemorate the spot where his son, william ii (the prince of orange) was knocked down from his horse by a musket ball at the height of the battle.

le butte towers 141 feet high by 1,700 feet wide with a statue of a lion mounted on a stone-block pedestal at the top. from up there, you get a panoramic view of the entire battlefield. the climb takes 226 steps, but it isn’t that bad. when we were there, a 79 year elderly man from singapore made it with no problem.

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