Wordless Wednesday: World’s Largest Lobster

Galapagos Islands
Location: Rotary Park, Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Hallstatt Cemetery

Location: Hallstatt, Austria
While visiting Austria, I was amazed at how beautiful and well-maintained the cemeteries are. The graveyard plots look more like small gardens.

Hallstatt Cemetery

Americans may find it unusual, but you don’t buy a gravesite in this part of the world. It’s leased for a certain period of time instead. In Halstatt, for instance, I was told that a family can lease the plot and maintain the rights to it until its last member dies.

Beinhaus Beinhaus

As the need arises, the family prepares the plot for reuse by exhuming the remains of the current occupant and the bones are either transferred to the ossuary or cremated. In some cases, the skull is saved and cleaned and put on display in the Beinhaus (Bone House). Once the last member of the family dies, the plot becomes available for another family to take over.

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Real Neat Blog Award

Stenoodie has nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. I do appreciate the thought and humbly accept it.

Unfortunately, I can’t send it forward. Sorry, I just can’t bear the thought of putting someone on the spot and add to his or her stress level when everybody should have fun at this time of the year.

I suggest that you visit her blog here. You won’t regret it. Do it now.

Her questions:

Why did you start your blog?
She was my inspiration. I started a blog to impress her. Unfortunately, I failed. Looking back, I wonder if we both got lucky as a result. The blog survives transcending into a memoir of sorts.
How did you come up with your blog name?
I thought of a name that would be a good fit to a blog dedicated to random thoughts. Ha ha. I later realized it wasn’t that original as revealed by Google search.
What is your happiest memory?
It’s hard to pick and choose. There are so many happy memories. It must be because I am easy to please and tend to see the bright side in everything.
What is your most terrifying experience?
Well, I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old, my dad and I watched a horror movie at a local theater. It was so scary that it took me sometime to get over it.
What is your biggest regret?
I had a dream job, but as fate would have it, I didn’t get it even though I tried hard. I guess it was for the best because a better one came along.
If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?
I’d treat it just like any other day.
Who has influenced you the most throughout your life?
I had a teacher, a Franciscan nun, who helped me discover the beauty of the English language. She thought I could have a future in journalism or priesthood. I ended up writing code for a living instead.

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Like A Brother

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 21 July 2017

Kent Bonham

Photo Credit: Kent Bonham

The best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.”

-Henry Miller

As usual, Ryan drove Ella to school in his beat up convertible. But today was different. When he looked at Ella with her hair playing in the wind, Ryan felt an itch in his heart he couldn’t scratch. He’d fallen in love.

At the prom, he found the courage to tell how much he loved her. But the feelings weren’t mutual. “I love you,” Ella said, “but like a brother.”

After graduation, they went their separate ways. For Ryan, the heartaches remained. It was only after he wrote about her in a book that he was able to move on.

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Wordless Wednesday: A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember the Park


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