Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

Regensburg, Germany

Location: Regensburg, Germany
When you need to get away, you don’t have to go far. A visit to the local park can provide the break you deserve. Surrounded by trees silently standing guard, it will be a sanctuary. Freed from the noise of city life, it will rejuvenate you and give you peace and let you face the world with a new sense of purpose.

The above picture was taken last November in Regensburg, a college town located about 80 miles from Munich. It was late afternoon and eerie quiet. There was no wind nor chirping of birds. The only sound I could hear were my footsteps on the ground. Did it make me worry especially when I found myself alone? Nah, not by much. Regensburg is rated as one of the safest places in the world.


GREAT streets of silence led away
To neighborhoods of pause;
Here was no notice, no dissent,
No universe, no laws.

By clocks ’t was morning, and for night
The bells at distance called;
But epoch had no basis here,
For period exhaled.

– Emily Dickinson


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For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 17 January 2018

J Hardy Carroll

Photo Credit: J Hardy Carroll
Disneyland was the last trip our family had together. It was before dad’s deployment in Vietnam that would change our lives forever.

I remembered savoring each attraction and exhilarating ride with dad until it was time to go.

It was my first lesson on happiness. It never lasted. The happiness that the park provided during our stay was equal only to the sadness I felt when it was over.

If there was any consolation, it was that the sadness didn’t last as well. Being a kid, it wasn’t that hard to find happiness again. But growing up was another story.

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Wordless Wednesday: Standing Guard

Standing Guard
Location: Passau, Germany

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

Shoes Memorial

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Along the east bank of the Danube river, there lies a memorial composed of different sizes and styles of weathered period shoes. Cast out of iron, the 60 pairs were meant to depict the shoes that the men, women, and children left behind on the bank after they were killed by the Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest in 1944-45. Shot at close range at the edges of the Danube, their bodies fell into the river and carried away by the currents.

Shoes Memorial
Shoes Memorial Shoes Memorial
Shoes Memorial

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In my travels, it’s one of the most touching memorials that I’d visited. Looking at the shoes, it’s not difficult to imagine the pain and the loss that the victims and survivors of this brutality had to endure.

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For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 12 January 2018

Victor and Sarah Potter

Photo Credit: Victor and Sarah Potter
It was a hot and balmy summer day. Early on the prowl, he spotted the young widow basking in the sun. She appeared lonely and in need of company.

Filled with lust, he approached his prey slowly from behind. To his surprise, she offered little or no resistance when he mounted her. They made love for what seemed like an eternity.

In the afterglow of the moment, it was the young widow’s turn to return the favor. It was snack time. As he lay exhausted yet totally gratified, she wrapped the intruder gently in silken threads and ate him alive.

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