Walking With My Head Down

Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown: Charles M. Schulz

Master Po said, “Remember always: a wise man walks with his head bowed, humble like the dust.”

I don’t consider myself wise by any means, but it’s a habit that I’ve acquired since time immemorial. It must be because I’m an introvert at heart.

Anyway, there are some advantages in walking with your head down.

A panhandler will unlikely confront somebody who appears lost in his own world.

You won’t step on a dog poo or slip on a banana peel or fall into an open sidewalk hole.

You’d have better chance of spotting pennies on the sidewalk. Pennies are said to be from heaven. They show that somebody from above remembers you.

If you’re lucky, you’d find dollar bills just waiting to be picked up. One day I found two 20-dollar bills. The other day, I found a 100-dollar bill.

So far, the biggest find I’ve had was a black wallet. When I looked inside, it contained several dollar bills, a driver license, and a credit card. My conscience told me to mail it intact to the name on the driver license which I did.

But there are problems, too. You run the risk of being hit by an approaching bike or bumping your head on a tree branch or against an unexpected sign post.

As I see it, walking with your head held high is becoming a thing of the past. Look all around you. More and more folks are heading Master Po’s advice but not as he had intended. It’s the new normal. It’s the result of addiction to smartphone’s use.


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From Venice With Love

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 22 June 2018

Fatima Fakier Deria

Photo Credit: Fatima Fakier Deria
Matilda had a watch that she wore like an amulet. A control freak, it made her feel invincible. With it, she ruled the roost.

“I just look at my watch and I know what he’s up to,” she said referring to her husband.

Still it came as a big shock when Phil attempted to commit suicide while they were on vacation in Venice.

“What made you stick with me after all these years?” she asked as he recovered at the hospital.

“Love and commitment.”

“Oh Phil!”

Matilda tossed the damn watch. Now she had an iPhone to track him down.

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Wordless Wednesday: Father’s Day

Father's Day
Location: Kossuth Lajos Square, Budapest, Hungary


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The 12th Annual Castro Valley Car Show

Car Show
Location: Castro Valley, California

It’s Saturday in Castro Valley, an unincorporated town in Northern California known as the birthplace of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Nothing much happens here, but when it does, it’s something special.

Car Show Car Show
Car Show Car Show
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If you live in the area, the 12th Annual Castro Valley Car Show is worth your while. It’s held downtown today featuring classic, specialty, and exotic cars along with vendor booths and live music to entertain the crowd.

Car Show Car Show
Car Show Car Show
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According to its sponsor, the Hayward-Castro Valley Moose Lodge 1491, the goal is to provide a community event that will engage our residents, highlight our local businesses, attract car enthusiasts near and far, and support local youth and community organizations.

As I write this, it’s almost closing time. I consider it as a big success and glad to be part of it. I look forward to next year.

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For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 15 June 2018

Jean L. Hays

Photo Credit: Jean L. Hays
Mary’s husband left for work early that morning fearing the worst. A major reorganization in the company had put his current position at risk.

Mary was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Harry called. He had something important to say and told her to sit down.

Upon hearing the news, Mary went berserk. Overcome by emotion, she rushed to the bathroom and locked herself up.

Behind the door, her eldest daughter heard her sobbing uncontrollably.

“Mom, are you alright? Please open the door.”

After a while, a more sobered Mary came out.

“Abby,” she announced. “We just won the lottery.”

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