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All About Eve

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 17 January 2020

J Hardy Carroll
Photo Credit: J Hardy Carroll

Eve was walking around the garden when she encountered the serpent.

“Apples just dropping to the ground,” it said. “What a waste.”

“The Lord forbids to pick the fruit from that tree,” Eve replied.

“But once the fruit falls, you aren’t picking it from the tree anymore. You’re then free to eat it as you wish.”

With some trepidation, Eve partook of an apple from the ground and, much to her relief, the sky didn’t fall.

Eve found Adam later minding his own business.

“Adam,” she gasped upon seeing him in the buff for the first time. “You’re so naked.”

January 15, 2020 at 9:53 am 31 comments

A Change of Heart

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 10 January 2020

C.E. Ayr
Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

Brian asked her to prom. It was meant as a joke instigated by his friends. When she said yes, he got himself into a predicament.

Hannah was a younger version of Olive Oyl. A member of the swim team, she was tall and plain like a stick. For sure, there were better prospects out there.

Brian needed a way out, but how?

A week before the prom, Hannah was hailed as a hero for saving a drowning child.

What difference a day made. Now, Brian couldn’t wait to take her to the prom to rub off on her new-found fame.

January 8, 2020 at 9:30 am 34 comments

Wordless Wednesday: Mickey in Camouflage

Location: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


January 6, 2020 at 10:49 am 10 comments

Wordless Wednesday: Hanging by the Tail

Hanging Monkey
Location: Belize Zoo, La Democracia, Belize


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The Rock Star

For Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Challenge: 6 December 2019

Fakier Deria
Photo Credit: Fakier Deria

After the death of his brother, Cain spent time wandering until he met a group of hippies traveling in a love bus headed to Woodstock.

With his exceptionally good looks, the women welcomed him like a rock star which led to jealousy among the male members. They decided to kill him and throw him under the bus.

One day, they saw Cain bathing alone in the nearby river. They were about to attack him when all of a sudden a bevy of women joined him.

Amid all the fun and laughter going on, the men reluctantly abandoned their murderous intent.

December 4, 2019 at 10:01 am 30 comments

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