It Was All in the Presentation

August 22, 2013 at 2:49 pm 8 comments

Last night, I had this weird dream. The New York Times came calling. It wanted to feature my blog on its home page. It seemed that an old post of mine gathering dust had caught the attention of one of their sharp-eyed editors.

It was quite a surprise to me. It was a true story alright, but it was a short and spur of the moment thing that could be easily overlooked given the number of posts out there in the internet universe. In my dream, I wondered what made it stood out. Did it hit a familiar nerve? I’d never know for sure. but one thing I did realize was that size and length didn’t matter. It was all in the presentation.

* * *

I came home dog-tired this evening. I was lying in bed half-asleep and resting when I got this call.

Ring! Ring!

caller: How’s Mickey?
me: I’m sorry, wrong number. There’s nobody here with that name.
caller: no, Silly, I mean, your one-eyed monster.
me: I’m not allowed to talk to strangers.
caller: I’m Marie. Happy now?.
me: Oh!
caller: Is it big?
me: Depends on who you ask.
caller: I want you take off your shorts.
me: I don’t believe this. Why should I even consider that?
caller: Because I said so.
me: This is crazy, now what?
caller: I want you to play with it.
me: hey, Wait a minute… ________, is that you?

She giggled and hung up.

What was she thinking? She just pulled an old junior high prank on me.

Right at that moment, I was sure she gonna get it tomorrow.

With the heater on, the room was sweltering hot. I stood up and went for a cold shower.

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